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Our Mission

To provide accessible therapeutic programming & support for children with developmental differences.

LEEP Beyond was formed August 2012, to create supplemental therapeutic and educational programs for children with developmental differences in the Chicagoland area. This included Art, Music Therapy, Yoga and Science Education, but we know the need goes beyond access to programming.


We always endeavor to provide scholarships to families that need assistance in accessing the various therapies their child may need to help reach their full potential. We believe all children should have access to quality programs and the therapy they need to reach social emotional and academic success.

We strive to provide whole family support including respite events and toy donations, knowing the family unit is the key component to success of every child. 

In addition to programming & scholarships for children, LEEP Beyond is partnering with organizations working beyond the adolescent years into the transitions into adulthood, from high school into job training and career​ coaching.

If you would like to learn more about our programs, or information about donating to LEEP Beyond please contact Lorell Marin.

Lorell Marin

Executive Director



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