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​Classes are designed to generate kids’ interest in science and encourage them to develop questions about our natural world. Our hands-on approach allows kids to observe and make predictions about the experiments they create. They will have opportunities to question and problem solve alongside their peers in a supportive environment.

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Our shared group experience focuses on building relationships, increasing positive responses and allowing children to experience success. Children will be provided opportunities for singing, instrument playing, movement activities, imitation, sequencing, cognitive functioning, emotional processing and social reciprocity.

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This unique class is designed for children to use their body and learn how it moves through gymnastics skills while incorporating obstacle courses.

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Students will focus on expressing themselves artistically while building social, critical thinking, and sensory skills. Teachers will identify student barriers and provide a guided learning experience designed to support students’ needs. Learn more >


​Yoga classes are aimed to engage children physically and emotionally. They will work on their flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness. Children will participate to gain a direct and physical understanding of calm and relaxation. Learn more >

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